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The Fireray One Press Release

Intersec is well underway and the Fireray One has been launched. Our new auto-aligning beam detector is breaking all the rules and unlocking a new way of protecting your buildings and assets. With new technology that makes installation simple and reduces the risk of false alarms the Fireray One is the fire detector designed with you in mind.

To find out more read our press release below:

FFE and Bloodhound - The Comet Article

Since its first public run late last month the Bloodhound Car is well on its way to reaching the land speed record of 1000mph in a few years.

FFE are proud to be a part of this project, suppling the Bloodhound SSC car with custom made flame detectors to protect against the high-risk of fire.

This week our local newspaper, The Comet has featured an article about FFE's contribution to the Bloodhound car as it attempts to beat the land speed record.


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