FFE Brings the Latest in Smoke and Flame Detection to Intersec

FFE Brings the Latest in Smoke and Flame Detection to Intersec

The company will be showing its ATEX certified, explosion-proof Fireray optical beam smoke detectors and a new Air Purge kit for its Talentum flame detectors.

FFE’s ATEX certified, explosion proof Fireray 3000 Exd optical beam smoke detectors protect wide areas (up to 1,500m2) against smoking fires in potentially explosive environments. They are designed for large enclosures within oil rigs, refineries, ordnance stores and similar premises and provide an early warning of smouldering or highly smoke-generative fires which may not be picked up by flame detectors. Fireray detectors offer more simplified wiring, installation and maintenance than any other detection type.

The company’s intrinsically safe, flameproof Talentum flame detectors are used when fast-acting and highly accurate fire detection is essential. The Air Purge Kit is ideal for use in dusty environments where the flame detector’s sensor can become obscured. It is particularly important with ultraviolet (UV) sensors, as UV light is easily blocked by dust. The Air Purge Kit solves this problem by directing compressed air at the sensor window, keeping it clear of dust.

Using both UV and infra-red (IR) sensing technology, FFE’s Talentum range of flame detectors can detect flames from all fuel types – from hydrocarbon fires with 4.3µm emissions through to invisible hydrogen fires. They can detect flames through steam and smoke and – with the Air Purge Kit – dust. They are also immune to the effects of wind.

To find out more about these technologies be sure to call past FFE’s booth, where industry experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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