Copenhagen Hospital Protected by Optical Beam Smoke Detectors - FFE's Fireray 5000 detectors ensure safety of staff and patients

One of Copenhagen’s leading hospitals has been fitted with four FFE Fireray 5000 advanced infra-red beam smoke detectors as part of its fire protection system.

Serving nearly half a million patients, the hospital has grown in size over the last few years. The Fireray 5000 detectors were selected as the ideal choice to protect the building in the most efficient way.

As with other beam detectors, the Fireray 5000 excels at detecting smoke over large areas in wide indoor spaces: the infra-red beam of a single detector spans up to 100m and does not suffer in high-ceilinged environments. With automatic motorised alignment and a low level controller for easy commissioning and maintenance, the Fireray 5000 makes smoke detection in places such as hospital wards, lobbies and storage areas much easier and more effective than it might be with using other technologies.

Key benefits of the Fireray 5000 include:

  • Allows for two detectors per system controller
  • Each detector configurable from 8m to 100m
  • Separate fire and fault relays per detector
  • Integral laser alignment
  • Auto-align fast automatic beam alignment
  • Building movement and contamination compensation
  • Low level system controller
  • Logs the 50 most recent events per detector
  • Approved to EN54:12 and UL268

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