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Aviation Extinguishers - All You Need To Know

Hello and welcome to this month's blog, where this time we put the spotlight on our aviation extinguisher division.

We have nearly 40 years of expertise in the portable, mobile and fixed fire extinguisher market and our systems are on board many of the commercial and military aircraft in service today.


What is the life cycle and warranty for FFE extinguishers?

Vibration Switches - All you need to know

What are they?

Vibration switches are a simple protection devise that triggers an alarm or shuts down a machine if the vibration exceeds a pre-set threshold level. These devises are used for the protection of rotating and reciprocating machinery (below 300rpm) such as, compressors, pumps, turbines, motors and generators, vibrating conveyors, vertical and horizontal crushers and shakers.

Top 10 most asked questions on Flame Detectors

Welcome to this months blog, I will be answering the top 10 most asked questions about our Talentum Flame Detectors.

1.What type of flames can your Talentum detect?

Our Talentum detectors look for flames across a broad spectrum of infrared and UV light (both invisible to the naked eye). They also detect the flickering movement of a flame allowing our products to detect most flames, that are both non-hydrocarbon or hydrocarbon based.

Launching the Fireray One

Our new fire detector the Fireray One is opening an exciting new chapter in optical beam smoke detection.

Our previous range of reflective beam detectors require manual alignment, which takes on average ten minutes to set up and align. However, our new detector the Fireray One not only features motorised self-alignment (which takes 60 seconds), but several advanced features that other beam detectors do not have.

These features include:

Top 10 most asked questions on Beam Smoke Detection

Hello and welcome

We’ve been on a short break, but we are back with our monthly blog posts, where we talk anything and everything around fire safety and best practice.

In no particular order let’s get into the most frequently asked questions I get about our beam smoke detectors.

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Halma becomes @Euralarm’s latest new member https://t.co/xSlXpKJR1c via @ifsecglobal
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Very busy #MondayMorning for us. Setting up the stand for @FireSafetyEvent taking place at the @thenec #Birmingham.… https://t.co/ZblGjP8GAg
Our team will be @FireSafetyEvent next week - Stand FS52. If you didn't already know it's @thenec #Birmingham 9-11… https://t.co/KrnVwInrax