Top 10 most asked questions on Beam Smoke Detection

Top 10 most asked questions on Beam Smoke Detection

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We’ve been on a short break, but we are back with our monthly blog posts, where we talk anything and everything around fire safety and best practice.

In no particular order let’s get into the most frequently asked questions I get about our beam smoke detectors.

1.What Fire Panels do your Fireray beam smoke detectors work with?

We produce conventional and addressable beam smoke detectors that work with all types of fire panels. If you cannot get the addressable type that you need, then we recommend using a conventional Fireray with a switch monitor (input/output module).

2.What is the warranty period on your products?

3 Years

5 Years

Fireray® 3000 Exd

Fireray 50R / 100R

Fireray 5000

Fireray 3000

Fireray 3000 Exd

3.What’s the most suitable replacement for a Fireray 1401 or Fireray 2000?

The Fireray 3000.

But be careful!


Fireray® 3000These are older systems that are often 5 to 15 years old. The building in this period may have changed since they were installed. Check the existing cabling and smoke beam placements meet all your regions industry standards.



4.How close together can I place my Firerays?

They can be placed between 10-15 meters apart. Any closer than 10 meters, you increase the risk of interference resulting in false alarms or faults on your system.

5.How do I clean my Fireray?

Gently wipe the reflector and detector lens with a nonabrasive cloth. No chemicals needed. All our Firerays have a feature alerting the user to contamination on the signal. (See manual for details).

6.What type of cabling do I need for my Fireray?

For Power supply and Zone connections you can use 2 core fireproof cabling.

7.How should I power my Fireray?

We recommend all our Fireray beam smoke detectors are powered through a dedicated 24V dc power supply. A 1 Amp power supply will be more than enough, but a 5 Amp power supply is preferred if you need heaters, to combat condensation.

8.Can I paint my Fireray?

I often get asked this question for architectural or heritage sites. Our Fireray detectors are not designed to be painted. There is a risk that paint could adversely affect the plastics and electronics over time. Painting Fireray detector heads can also affect your warranty as well. So in short, no. However, we are aware that our product needs to work alongside your building so as an alternative it is possible to use a facade to easily hide our Fireray detectors.



9.How do I test my Fireray?

Completely cover the reflector or the transmitter, depending on the model you have - using a non-reflective material, such as a piece of cardboard, or foam.


                        If your beam is aligned correctly, it should go into a FAULT condition.

10.How do I know my Fireray detector is working?

Each of our Firerays models have an Amber or Green LED which will flash every 8-10 seconds to visually confirm normal operation, either on the detector and/or controller.


Amber LED*

Green LED

Fireray® 3000 Exd

Fireray 50R / 100R

Fireray 5000

Fireray 3000

Fireray 3000 Exd


*Older versions do not flash any LEDs.


I hope this post has helped to improve your understanding of our beams. Can you think of anymore to add to the list?

Let me know your thoughts and experiences via email. Feel free to share this post on twitter, and LinkedIn.


Ashley Atkinson

Customer Support Engineer

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