How to wire to a Conventional or Addressable Fire Panel.

How to wire to a Conventional or Addressable Fire Panel.

There are two types of Fire Panels, Conventional types which have ‘Zones’ which are connected directly to devices such as Optical Beam smoke Detectors or Flame Detectors and Analogue Addressable types which have a loop bus onto which addressable devices can be connected.

Conventional Fire Panels:

Conventional Fire panels can be connected to the Fireray and Talentum ranges via the ‘Zone’. The Zone is a 2 core cable which connects to the Fire and Fault relays of the Fireray and Talentum ranges to the Fire Panel. The Zone of the Fire Panel monitors the states of the Fire and Fault relays by means of measuring the current flowing round the circuit. When the Beam or Flame Detector is in the ‘normal’ state, the Fault relay will be closed and the Fire relay will be open. The EOL (End of Line) device (typically, but not always a resistor) is connected to the Fault relay which completes the circuit back to the Fire Panel. If the device goes into Fault, the Fault relay will open and the EOL disappears from the circuit and the Fire Panel will signal a Fault. To signal a Fire, the ‘Fire’ resistor is shorted across the Zone by closing the Fire relay. The Fire signal should always override a Fault.

If using a Beam, it is always good practice to align the Beam before proving the connections to the Fire panel. It is also good practice to test the complete system for Fire and Fault at the Fire Panel.

Analogue Addressable Fire Panels:

Analogue Addressable Fire Panels have a ‘Bus’ or ‘Loop’ which connects to the non-analogue addressable versions of the Fireray and Talentum ranges via a Switch Monitor (this needs to be the same protocol as the Fire Panel). The Loop is connected to one side of the Switch Monitor (which needs to be given a unique address to be picked up on the Loop) and the other side is connected to the Fire and Fault relays in the same way as you would do with a Conventional Fire Panel. The EOL device and Fire resistors are supplied with the Switch Monitor. Again, a Beam is best aligned before the engineer is able to test for the Fire and Fault signal to the Fire Panel



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