How to align an End to End beam smoke detector?

How to align an End to End beam smoke detector?

The Fireray 3000 is the current FFE End to End Beam smoke detector and has several features which were not found on the previous generation of End to End Beams.

The Fireray 3000 can be aligned by either one or two people using the following described methods:

1. One person alignment: Both ends of the Fireray 3000 (Transmitter - TX and Receiver - RX) need to be aligned. First, switch on the laser which is in the RX and guide it onto the face (lens) of the TX by using the two adjustment thumbwheels on the sides of the RX.

When this is done, the TX needs to be aligned onto the RX using the Green and Amber LEDs on the RX. Note, while these LEDs are very bright, if there is a lot of background light, it may not be possible to see the RX LEDs.

This is what the RX LEDs indicate.

Green LED short flash: You are gaining signal. Green LED long flash: Signal too high, you need to back off the TX power pot.

Amber LED short flash: You are losing signal. Amber LED long flash: No signal.

If a long Amber flash is seen, indicating that there is no signal, adjust the X and Y axis, using the two thumbwheels, until the Green LED flashes. When the Green LED flashes, make ¼ turns on one axis until the Green LED either stops flashing, in which case stop and adjust the other axis, the Green LED will give

a long flash, in which case back off the TX pot and continue to adjust the thumbwheel or the Amber LED starts to flash, in which case adjust the thumbwheel back half of the last turn you made. Now do the same on the opposite axis. When both of the thumbwheels are adjusted, the Beam is aligned.

2. Two person alignment: One person is at the TX, the other is at the System Controller. Both people need to be able to communicate as the person at the System Controller needs to let the person at the TX know what the alignment value is.

When the displayed number on the LCD of the System Controller is 0, this means there is no signal, when the display shows 180, this means the signal is too high and the TX power needs to be backed off. While the beam will align at any value between 2 and 178, the higher the value the better.

The person at the TX needs to adjust both thumbwheels on the TX to get the highest value they can.

The Fireray 3000 is much easier to align than the previous generations of End to End Beam. It also has Light Cancellation Technology (LCT) which means it will not false alarm if the sun shines directly on the RX.




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