Distance Sensitivity of the Talentum Flame Detector

Distance Sensitivity of the Talentum Flame Detector

The sensitivity of all Talentum Flame Detectors is based on the size of the flame and the distance that flame is away from the Flame Detector. 

For example, while a Flame Detector will pick up a cigarette lighter flame at 1M, the same size flame would not be detected at a distance of 8M.

All the Talentum range of Flame Detectors are designed to detect a 1 square foot pan fire of N-Heptane at 25M (although they can detect fires are greater distances if the fire is big enough). 

The illustration below shows the size of the flame and the distance it will be detected at.

The Detection Area of the Flame Detector, is a cone shape which comes out at 45 degrees up, down, left and right. It is also worth noting that the Flame Detector can only detect a flame when it can physically see it. If an object blocks the ‘line of sight’ from flame to Flame Detector, this flame will not be detected until it moves past the obstruction. This is important to take into account when placing the Flame Detector.

 When using the ExD Flame Detectors, there is a drop off in the sensitivity on the outer edges of the sensitivity cone after the 15 to 20M mark, but there is no loss in the centre.

There are 2 sensitivity settings Class 1 (the default setting) which has a detection range of 25M and Class 3, which has a detection range of 12M.






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